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PI Vicki Nelson does fine with the bread-and-butter investigations typically handled by private investigators, but everything changes one night when she witnesses a murder and meets Henry Fitzroy a 450-year-old vampire. She investigates the murder for the victim's girlfriend, and suddenly is immersed in the supernatural. A former detective with the Metropolitan Toronto Police; she quit after learning she has a degenerative eye disorder rather than accept a desk job. Her MTP contact, former partner and ex-lover Detective Mike Celucci complicates matters with his doubts about her experiences. As her cases progressively involve her in Toronto's underworld, she is torn between her attraction to Henry and love for Mike who fears for her sanity. Based on the "Blood" novels featuring Vicki Nelson by Tanya Huff. Created by executive producer Peter Mohan, the show is produced by Kaleidoscope Entertainment and Insight Film Studios in association with CHUM Television. Broadcast History:Season One - Sundays at 9:00 pmSeason Two - Fridays at 9:00 pm Blood Ties was broadcast in America on Lifetime cable network in 2007. Although filmed as one 22-episode season, the network split it into two seasons. The first 12 episodes were broadcast winter through spring of 2007, with eight of the final 10 episodes broadcast in autumn 2007. Season two was part of a block of programming called "Psy-Fridays" where Blood Ties was joined by reality show Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead and game show America's Psychic Challenge. According to press reports at the time, Lifetime opted to move the final two episodes of season two to their website for streaming because the game show and reality series had finished their runs after eight episodes. With no supernatural programming to take their places, Lifetime chose not to finish Blood Ties' season with traditional broadcasts. There were rumors of a possible season three, but Lifetime effectively canceled the series when it was not part of their 2008 upfront presentation in April 2008. more less

We'll Meet Again

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Drawn and Quartered

Dylan Neal

Christina Cox (I)

Kyle Schmid

Gina Holden

Michael Eklund

  • Trivia (33)

    Goof. When plotting the killings to make the pentagram, Henry starts off holding his red marker/pencil in his left hand and a picture of a pentagram in his right. Then the view switches to an over his left shoulder one and the picture is now in his left hand and he is writing with the red pencil in his right.

    Henry is not only a vampire but a graphic novel artist & writer.

    Coreen Fennel hires Vicki to find her boyfriend's killer and then Vicki agrees to hire her as an assistant to keep Coreen from telling about Henry and for her knowledge of vampires.

    Henry was turned (into a vampire) by a female lover he begged to make him a vampire so they could be together forever, even though she warned him that they couldn't share hunting grounds.

    Henry says he is almost 500 years old. Using the real Henry Fitzroy as a reference in the year 2007 Henry would be 488.

    The genetic eye condition that Vicki has is called Retinitis pigmentosa.

    Vicki's nickname is Victory.

    The building used as Vicki's apartment also doubled as Scully's apartment in the X-Files during the five seasons filmed in Vancouver.

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