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I want to keep my students motivated and excited about coming to their English class. Can Speakout help?

The course’s name speaks for itself. Exciting topics like “Strong Emotions”, “Famous Lives” and “Your Look” really get your students talking and expressing their points of view. Authentic video content, interactive games and creative tasks allow students to enjoy their learning and feel motivated to progress even further.

My students like communications but they need to learn grammar too. How can I keep them interested?

Grammar is a core feature of Speakout and is presented in context with clear rules and summaries. Students better understand grammar structures and feel more confident applying them in their conversations. Every grammar section includes a reference to the Language Bank where students can find more detailed explanations of the rules and additional practice.

I'd like to use genuine materials but I'm too busy to search for them online. Can Speakout help me find resources?

The digital components are designed to simplify your teaching, save your time and give you all the resources you need to become the best teacher you can be. We know that a lot of ambitious teachers search for authentic English content online. You don’t have to do this anymore with real-life BBC videos and podcasts already available for you on ActiveTeach and ActiveBook.

Grading can be really time-consuming. Can Speakout help me with grading students' work, so I don't have to?

Have you ever dreamed about cloning yourself so your clone can take responsibility for some of the teaching routine? If so, then Speakout can help. Even though it's not a cloning machine, it has something even better (or at least safer). MyEnglishLab automatically grades your students’ answers. Not only that but it also gives your students comprehensive feedback that helps them analyse their mistakes and take the necessary steps for improvement.