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Welcome to killer sudoku online. Your online source of killer sudokus.

There are five puzzles on this page: two killer sudoku puzzles and two “greater than” sudoku puzzles and one “greater than-killer” sudoku puzzle. You can play any of them online or print them out to play offline. Older puzzles are in the archives. Older puzzles are also listed by difficulty. Generally, the weekly puzzles are harder than the daily puzzle. Have Fun!

Killer Sudoku for 7/19/2017

Puzzles get harder as the week progresses, with Sunday's puzzle generally being the hardest. However, for those of you who want something harder to work on during the week, we also have a harder killer board here. A new one will be presented each week. Solutions for the daily puzzle are posted the following day in the archives. Solutions to the weekly puzzle are posted a week later, also in the archives.

Killer Sudoku for the week starting 7/17/2017

If you are getting stuck on the weekly puzzles you might check out tips for weekly24 and tips for weekly28

If you are looking for something a bit different, why not try out our “Greater Than” or our “Greater Than” Killer sudoku puzzles. Regular sudoku rules apply with the additional requirement that if a >, <, or = sign appear between two cells (or cages) then the values in the cells (or cages) must obey the relation. Let us know if you like these puzzles and how hard you find them.

Greater Than Sudoku for 7/19/2017