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ram ali
Our conversation with God continues. Questions air borne in a flight 6 years ago. Still searching for answers like the rest of humanity. We're not totally secular or politically correct. but we know she's there. She's our mother, our sister and our beloved. But why is she addressed by masculine names- Ram Ali?

Love. ishq. mohabbat. pyaar. This is it. So why do we romanticize separation? That's the thing. The 'could have been' kinda love is mesmerizing and fatally attractive. Deeks lets his Urdu rip. Vin comes up with a heart wrenching solo. Ambo makes love to the nylon strings. Euphoria is surrounded by the best talent in the world.

mere dost mere bhai
A tribute to Euphoria's darkest hour. when innocence expired into foolishness and years of brotherhood melted away into disbelief. Every truth seemed a lie and all lies came true. So do we miss our ex band mates? Of course we do. Looked after them like a family little realizing that all the kids only wanted was it's property:)

Our 2 heroes. Manmohan Singh and Djoo both look dumbstruck. Quiet. coz they don't have the answers or because they didn't understand the question. We don't know. Djoo's silence doesn't really matter cuz he makes his bass talk but Man ji. he misinterpreted Gandhijils "bura mat bolo" as "mat bolo".

c u later.
Eric's patented line. Simple and angst ridden. I love everything about you, but you. And I'm sorry for not being sorry. Euphoria standard. made special by Vin's idea of the lulti beat'. Ash. Djoo and Ambo slam. We believe. never dwell in unhappiness. move on. we did. C U Later? Maybe. baby.

mujhe jeene do
Uncertainty is the only certainty these days. Is anyone listening? The point is if terrorists only have an issue with the govt then why are they killing innocent common people? So how many politicians got killed by terrorists? Umm. err. hmm. stop the game. guys. Bas karo. The best back up vocalists in the country. VB and K. steal the thunder from 7 big boys. And that's an angry blues harp wailing at the system

This song is the closest any Euphoria song has gotten to expressing sexual longing. Took a while for us to grow up and the right words in Hindi to show up. Written one night at 3am. and then modified another night at 4am. 3 years later. Both lonely, dark, sexually tense, sleepless nights. Longing matures with time, like wine..Prashant and Rakesh's only 'bhaalaa' in an Ash dominated album.

In the name of money. Progressive hard rock bordering on metal. or some such shit. Kin's coming of age on back ups last year made us realize that 'paisa hi eeshvar, jesus, khuda' for most. We thought we weren't made for money, its meant to be the other way round. Broke our hearts. And then we make another song and the audience sings it back to us. And suddenly money don't matter, nor do the kabootars.